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Personnel Liaison

Job Type:
Salary Range:

Job Type: Personnel Liaison

Location: Cleveland, OH

Type of Employment: 1099/Part Time/Full Time

Salary Range: Depending on Experience


The Bellator Group Personnel Liaison serves as an advocate, administrator, and resource to ensure a smooth operation of military accessions for US Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM). The primary purpose of this position is to collect US Military applicants as they arrive at a lodging facility the night before reporting to the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), ensure and ensuring their accountability, safety, security, lodging, meals and transportation from arrival in the port of entry near the MEPS station through movement to MEPS the following morning.

The Bellator Personnel Liaison is responsible and must be on site at the lodging facility until applicants depart for MEPS the following morning in Springfield, MA. This liaison coordinates lodging, transportation, meals, accountability security and safety of applicants and addresses any personnel issues and be responsible for reporting on applicant forms. The liaison is the primary contact to USMEPCOM and the Contracting Officer, but is supported by company program management office.

This individual is responsible for completing regular rounds, facilitating groups, and other administrative duties as assigned. Provides crisis intervention and medication monitoring. Must have computer/data entry skills.  

The Cleveland MEPS stations generally only operates from Monday to Thursday, with about 30 Fridays a year.  The average number of applicants per day is 18 but groups can be as large as 120.

This position could be a 1099 position or a full time position.

Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

·        Serves as bridge between Bellator Group, processing personnel and USMPECOM customer

·        Assists in planning by providing strategic advice and facilitation communications/action

·        Perform inspections (initial, scheduled, and as needed)

·        Establish and maintain relationships and a high level of workmanship with site staff

·        Must be familiar with all safety and security requirements for the facility including fire drills, evacuation procedures, alarm and camera monitoring

·        Reports all safety and security concerns to appropriate authorities and staff

·        911 / Emergency Services support as necessary

·        Responsible for crisis intervention, counseling, and groups as needed

·        Must participate in all mandatory safety and security trainings

·        Must participate in regularly scheduled program and customer meetings

·        Ensure all meals are served to applicants as scheduled in a timely manner

·        Manage transportation for all applicants to and from MEPS, as well as airport transfers

·        Coordinates all scheduled activities and refers to appropriate staff for support

·        Conducts scheduled walkthroughs and complete facility checklists and logs as required

·        Provide the Applicants Processing List each morning to MEPS accounting for applicants


Qualifications for this position include, but are not limited to:

·        Previous military drill sergeant preferred

·        Strong verbal/written skills

·        Ability to work independently

·        Ability to work as member of a team

·        Strong communication skills

·        Detail Oriented

·        Ability to communicate with program support, customers, facility staff and resident personnel in a professional manner

·        Ability to handle multiple tasks

·        Ability to understand and manage moral/ethical boundaries

·        Strong interpersonal skills

·        Must be eligible for a national background check in order to receive a CAC Card


Bellator On-Site Staff has direct, 24/7 access to our Issue Mitigation Center should any issues arise.

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